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Here’s the opening bit to this year’s Torquere Press Halloween Sip. Right now, it’s untitled, but it stars Jeremy and Jax, two guys from the Hearth & Home world.


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Spirits of Abaddon: Twilight of the Gods (book 4)
by Mychael Black
Changeling Press

Time has run out for Jesse, Gabriel and Lazarus. With the rogue archdemon Hiil and his vast army marching for Abaddon from a neighboring world, Gabriel is forced to make a decision that may mean the death of one of his lovers. As an elemental, Lazarus once sought control of Ba’al’s lands. Things have changed, but if Ba’al returns, the ice mage’s word may not be enough to keep him from the archdemon’s wrath.
Years ago, Shayne and I wrote a novel called Love and the Straight Gay. It's been one we've toyed with, in terms of publishing ideas, off and on. Well, I'm revising, editing, and we're determined to get this thing to one of our publishers this summer. Not sure which pub will get it yet. Below is Chapter One. ;)


Todd Jacobs is fresh out of a six-year relationship with "partner" who sought only to use him and control him. Repressed and, during those six years, unable to even show the slightest hint in public that he's gay, he's suddenly thrust into single-hood. Hoping to get drunk, and maybe have a bit of a quick rebound fling, he meets out and rather flamboyant Loren Spears. What follows is a wild--but honest--romance.


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Do you have what it takes to become a Changeling? Love to write? Love contests? Changeling's Spring Fling may be just the contest you're looking for.
Are your characters wild and wicked, your plots hot enough to require a fire-hazard warning? If the answer is yes, Changeling wants YOU. Cyborgs, vampires, werewolves, dragon shifters, cat shifters, aliens, genetically altered alien cyborg dragon shifters... Chances are, they belong at Changeling.
What can you win? Top entries will receive a critique by an acquiring editor at Changeling and may be considered for publication. (We won't promise -- but we have published the winners the last three years.) Winners accepted for publication will receive one year free membership with TRS Promotions.
Entries should be complete "Hot Flash" manuscripts of between 5000 to 7000 words, otherwise meeting the publication guidelines for Changeling Press, available at www.ChangelingPress.com (Under submission guidelines at the top of every page).
We publish Women's Erotic Romance in the following genres: Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Guilty Pleasures (Super Hot Contemporary) BDSM, and Action/Adventure. All submissions must be targeted for at least one of these Romance genres. (Open to all themes, including BBW, IR, M/F, M/M, M/F/M, M/M/F, M/M/M/F/M/M, M10...  you get the picture.) While we don't demand your characters trot off to get married at the end of the book, we do ask for a HEA(Happy Ever After) or, in the case of serials, a HFN(Happy For Now).
Please send one RTF file with your complete manuscript of no more than seven thousand words, and include a short cover letter IN THE FILE including your publishing history, if any, a short "blurb" and plot summary of no more than 500 words, including genres and themes you're targeting for this short story, and your name, pen name, and email address -- BE SURE to put your contact information IN THE FILE.
Entries must be received by May 31st.
Send Submissions to submissions@changelingpress.com.
Submissions that don't meet the contest rules -- five to seven thousand words, Women's Erotic Romance, contact information and short cover letter in the file -- will be rejected. No more than two entries per author, please.
I'm steadily working on the third book in the Spirits of Abaddon series for Changeling, and I thought I'd share another snip with y'all. Enjoy! ;)

**Remember: This contains spoilers if you haven't read the first two books!**

Bad Blood (Spirits of Abaddon 1)
Sanctified (Spirits of Abaddon 2)


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Here's the opening scene for book 3 in my Spirits of Abaddon series with Changeling Press. You can find the other two books here: Bad Blood (Spirits of Abaddon 1) and Sanctified (Spirits of Abaddon 2)

Be aware that this series *must* be read in order, so there are spoilers in case you've not read the first two!


With his lovers Gabriel and Lazarus, Jesse Eldridge traverses the shadowy realm of Abaddon, a world of demons and gods, in pursuit of Hiil, the rogue god of a neighboring world. Hiil fully intends on bringing all of Abaddon to its knees, but he doesn't realize that Gabriel has a secret weapon in the coming war: Jesse. As a crossbreed (vampire and elemental), Jesse possesses powers surpassing those of both his lovers. There's little time for him to come into his full abilities, however, and it's going to take a miracle if he and his lovers are to survive.


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It's been a while since I posted a sneak peek. :) This is from Dragonblade, book 2 in the Secrets of Socendor trilogy I have with Samhain Publishing. Be warned: It's not work-safe! LOL

Buy The Lost Son (Secrets of Socendor 1) here: http://store.samhainpublishing.com/the-lost-son-p-4892.html


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My interview at Coffee Time Romance is live!

Hop on over and read about how I name my guys!

I know, I know... it's been a while since I posted, especially the sneak peeks. I'm trying to get better about posting. :) Anyhoo...

Today's Sneak Peek is from book 2 of the Secrets of Socendor series I have with Samhain Publishing. Dragonblade picks up where The Lost Son left off, and this little scene is near the beginning. Kalen's been gone for a week--the guys are making up for it. ;)

If you haven't read The Lost Son, you can find it here: http://store.samhainpublishing.com/the-lost-son-p-4892.html

**POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT for those who have NOT read book 1!**


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